Definition: Alternative Worksite

Alternative worksite is any place other than regular work place where official work can be performed by an employee. Alternative worksite arrangements are provisions given to employees where their work can be done at alternative work sites, generally the employee’s home. 

The provision may require the work to be linked electronically with the regular work place using a telephone, computer or some other electronic device. Alternative worksites include virtual offices, telecommuting, working from hotels etc.

:Requests for alternative work site arrangements vary from organization to organization, and may even be subject to the approval of the employee’s department head based on operational needs.

 Approvals may take into account factors such as the nature of the work involved, duration of the assignment, as well as the suitability of the proposed work site. Generally, the Human Resources Department of the organization is involved in policies regarding alternative worksite arrangements.

Advantages of Alternative Worksite are

  • More productivity
  • Lesser costs
  • Attraction and retention of good employees

Disadvantages of Alternative worksite are:

  • Difficulty in implementation
  • Lesser degree of control

Example:  In view of the technological advancements in communication, companies like IBM and AT & T are looking for alternate ways of working, and strategically looking at reducing operating costs.  Citigroup implemented this kind of strategy to generate real estate savings of about $64 million in the year 2008 alone.Imagine the Savings in 2016.

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