​*108 best HR Practices for Indian Organization*
1) Building superior workplace is part of their corporate identity. 
2) Take care of employees customers keep coming back.
3) Providing superior work-life value proposition.
4) Work – Personal life Balance
5) Take time-off whenever it is necessary
6) Flexible Options
7) Members not Employees.
8) Employee Committee with genuine authority.
9) Recreation/Social Services/Food.
10) Database for employee suggestions in implementation.
11) All relevant information available to all.(Sharing Information)
12) Information sharing matrix.
13) Surveys for potential/new employess.
14) Annual Employee survey.
15) Global infrastructure organization survey.
16) Daily newsletter (start the day by reading this letter).
17) Basic Moral of the day.
18) Daily Birthdays.
19) Special Guest recognition.
20) HR eye opener of the day.
21) Call privately & inform the issue (Integrity Hotline).
22) Training or other discipline (Cross Training).
23) Running own business – Employee survey.
24) Ownership of Business- Job rotation.
25) Training to learn multiple skills.
26) Take care of employees. Employees take care of customers.
27) Reach the top brass.
28) Open culture/caring environment.
29) Focus on high performance.
30) Hiring the smartest people.
31) Directing them in Right Direction.
32) Create Cool, simple & yet highly efficient workforce.
33) Cross functional job rotation.
34) Good Problem solver.
35) Interested in working with people.
36) Openness & transparency.
37) New recruits workstation – decorated with Balloons.
38) Self defense techniques for women employees.
39) Work from home.
40) 2% profit given as performance incentives.
41) Professional support.
42) Skill updating.
43) Social recognition & upward mobility.
44) Small warm gestures.
45) Same travel benefits across all positions.
46) Annual Organization climate survey (Rating Boss).
47) Buddy Programme.
48) i4 Teams – Ingenious, Idea, Incubation & Implementation (Generate new ideas & implement them).
49) Encouraging social services.
50) Early Breaks, Good training, caring employer.
51) Workshops to explore strengths, weakness, dreams & aspirations.
52) Chairman Tea/President Tea – Managers Sharing Feedback.
53) High performers- 200 % of Target Bonus.
54) Paid leave for social services.
55) Breakfast meeting with top management.
56) Vacation donation program.
57) Stock options.
58) Confirmed employees from the first day of joining.
59) Baby’s day out – New mothers work alongside with babies.
60) Reduced work hours Half day/Half work week for New Mothers.
61) Mandatory training hours- Any field of interest.
62) Internal Promotions – Non mgmt to top management position.
63) Knowledge sharing sessions.
64) Recognize employee achievements.
65) Individual learning plans.
66) CSR leave for 5 days for employees.
67) 100 % Reimbursement of Tuition fees/examination fees for employee professional development.
68) Idea works/encash program – awards for better ideas/suggestions.
69) HR team available 24X 7 on emergency situations.
70) 30- Week management program in NMIMS for young managers.
71) 5 days compulsory annual leave.
72) Value addition meetings between employee & management.
73) Tell me box (CEO) Tell 3 things that work for them & 3 things that not work for them.
74) Five day a week work policy.
75) Fast Track programme for promoting middle managers.
76) Leave work on time, flexibility to work part time as per requirement.
77) Only 10 unutilized allowed to carry forward to next year.
78) Encourage to spend time with family.
79) Leadership programme for young managers. (Wharton & London business school)
80) Health café, yoga classes. Stress management.
81) Flat leave structure, restricted work structure & timings (System Shutdown after 7PM).
82) Flexi working hours.
83) Foreign trips for spouses.
84) Employee referred as “Members”, Department referred as “Groups”.
85) Share your concerns.
86) Home away home. Reach out family in all day to day happenings.
87) Foreign Language Allowance (100 % fees).
88) New Joinees – Personally welcomed by MD.
89) Paternity Leave, Birthday/Anniversary leave.
90) Compassionate leave.
91) Fun at work & freedom at work.
92) Open Door & Transport Policy.
93) Crèche for working mothers.
94) Behavioural Training programme.
95) Sense of security/Family taken care.
96) No Attendance.
97) Freedom to Experiment.
98) 2 year sabbatical leave for higher studies.
99) New Joinees welcomed with flower bouquet.
100) Inform & Communicate in Transparent manner.( Trust & Transparency )
101) Employees Calculate bonus on their own.
102) Senior Executives – No Attendance/Unlimited leaves.
103) Decide where, when & how their work to be done. Flexible to people’s needs.
104) Creating new roles for prospective/potential candidates.
105) Workshops for parents.
106) HR Policies evolved keeping local people in mind.
107) Working beyond revenues.
108) Intellectual Stimulation/Variety weighs in decision for new projects.

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