Competencies are the skills, knowledge, attributes etc. that are important for one to have to succeed at a job. 

Selecting the candidate with right competencies is critical for employers.

This helps them in:

Planning the organization and development of workforce

Job designing

Recruitment and selection

Training and development

Succession planning


Types of Competencies

Knowledge – Domain knowledge, this can be practical and theoretical

Action – performance capability, this can be natural or induced

Behavioral – reaction to situations


Uses of Competencies

In Creating job Descriptions

A Job description typically includes the job title, job responsibilities and the competencies required for the job. Competencies of any particular position is determined by job analysis. These form the foundation for recruitment, selection, training, development, appraisal etc. of any employee. Proper description of competencies also helps the job seekers to realize the expectations of the employer.


• In Hiring

They form the basis for assessing and selecting candidates.


In Performance Management

They help the employee in understanding the standard of knowledge and skills that are required to perform a certain job. Also it demonstrates the behavior that they are expected to reflect.


• In Training and Development

When competencies required for a job are well documented, it helps the supervisors to understand what further training programs his subordinates should undergo for performing better.


In Workforce Planning

Understanding the competencies essential for future workforce is very important for workforce planning. This helps organizations to design and plan workforce according to its business goals.


In Career planning

Competencies are also important for employees for planning their career path. Knowing the competencies which are critical for growth allows employees work on their development and ask for special trainings if necessary.


In Compensation

Competencies do not directly impact compensation, but mastery on certain competencies can often increase the demand of a candidate thus in turn raising the compensation bar.

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