Day: December 28, 2016

#HR #Word : Conditions of #Employment

Çondition of Employment are the set of conditions that highlight the important aspects of the employment contract. They are also known as the operational requirement. These are a set of contract that need to be maintained throughout the employment of the employee.

Clauses like the number of working days, working hours per day and per week, overtime work rates, meal times and break durations, night shifts, holiday system, public holidays, sick leaves, parameters pertaining to payment details, termination etc are mentioned. 

These conditions are set for the welfare of the employee. However certain conditions are also set for the employer to choose a suitable employee.


Often condition like willingness to relocate are also used by employers to screen candidates. A person not meeting the condition of employment cannot be employed with the hope that they will soon be meeting the criteria but can be placed in the pool of qualified candidates. A minimum of 45 working hours per week can be a condition of employment set by the employer.

#HR #Word: #Conciliation

​Çonciliation is the part of the dispute resolution technique between management and union, which helps to resolve the issue between two parties on a point of disagreement

Conciliation is often considered as last chance before parties get engage in adjudication i.e. labour court hearing. As conciliation is engaged often after the voluntary arbitration fails. At the conciliation state parties can mutually agreeable benefit.


Mediation for the purpose of conciliation is done by conciliation officer. Concilation officer act as a facilitator. He also parties to come to the negotiation table. Conciliation officer tries to reach amicable solution. If at all the settlement is reached between the parties it is signed by the management, union and conciliation officer.

Settlement is binding on the parties to the dispute as well as the all concerned workman present as well as future).It is also binding on employer and his assigns and heirs. This article makes settlement reached in conciliation proceeding applicable to the future owners of the organization in case of merger and acquisition.

The conciliation proceeding give that last opportunity to the parties to the dispute to resolve dispute in a mutually agreeable and convenient way. This also is the mechanism to resolve our own conflict without losing the control of the proceedings to outside person. Once the conciliation fails the matters also take time to resolve as lot procedural thing come into the picture of judicial nature.