Considering the situation of COVID or any other situation , Interview drop outs is on higher side. Though it is regular issue for recruiters, but during COVID times it is more challenging for a recruiter,panelist and even candidates to make themselves available on time.

We could take few interventions to reduce it to an extent.

  1. Identify Active applicants– It’s important to identify applicants who are active job seeker during COVID times.  It is evident that few non serious applicants can also be part of the process.  We need to filter them based on below source/application
  1. Application on Career site It been observed, applicants who took effort to apply via Career are usually active job seekers.
  • Referrals It’s always a golden catch, ensure we give preference to referral applicants as they are already having information about company and culture.
  • Avoid incomplete application Usually these are not serious about job change, they apply as it was easy for them.
  • Change the way to Screen applicants. – During such critical time, effective screening is important as it will ensure to check the pulse of the candidate and his seriousness about job change and attending interview.

Ensure we do check on below additional information apart from general details we capture

  1. Check his knowledge about company brand.
  2. Suitable time to attend Tele calls / Video round.
  3. If weekend/ Weekday suitable to attend interviews.
  4. Any preparations for interviews- Courses, self- learning etc.
  • Technology Support– It’s been observed, that many candidates have challenges in using interview app which they are not familiar with, it is been advised to render help / trial session to those who needed. It will reduce delays in interviews process, which in turn can prevent interview drop outs.
  • Response time It is more important to be responsive- be it sharing JD, Interview call letter, follow ups, Meeting Ids, Rescheduling/ Cancellation notification- Quick communication can bring a good candidate experience and keep them engaging during entire process.

Respect privacy– Every recruiter should understand, the current times are not normal, Candidates and Panelist all of them are operating from home and it’s difficult for them to devout time for interviews, there will be instances where either one of them may need to cancel the interview at last minute.  Appreciate their effort and have clear communication. At Home, all of us are doing multitasking, wherever possible use Text based communication through WhatsApp/ SMS to avoid lengthy conversation


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