HR Word of the Day – Top Down Programs

Top down programs is an information processing strategy where in the information – orders and decisions trickle down from the top management to the bottom ones. Herein the hierarchical structure of any organisation plays a huge role.

Flat versus heavily layered organisations have different ways. Most diversity and strategic initiatives start with a top down approach. When a change has to be brought about keeping philosophy in mind, top down programs come into play.

The overview of a system is formulated in case of top down programs. The bird’s eye view is taken into account and decision are made. Processes and strategies are developed to promote awareness and appreciation of differences, ensure fair treatment, increase representation, and create a culture of inclusion.

Elements of Top Down Approach in case of Human Resource Management
a. Leadership development – Develop leadership skills and address the important skill gap to attain sustainable competitive advantage
b. Training – Train the employees and ensure that the learning is retained
c. Equal employment – There needs to be fairness for all
d. Zero tolerance policies – Discrimination on any unlawful grounds should not be tolerated
e. Social responsibility initiatives – Corporate Social Responsibility should be taken seriously and as a component of business goals
f. Recruitment and retention programmes – Talent Management is a philosophy and not a mere task
g. Linking diversity to business goals – This is particularly important in the case of an ever changing globalised world

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