Offer Declines are a Major Concern for Recruiter.

Let’s look at what stages of the recruitment process a back out can possibly happen.

1. Candidate backing out before the interview
2. Candidate backing out after interview
3. Candidate backing out after accepting the offer
4. Candidate backing out before joining
5. Candidate backing out just after joining

Probable reasons for back outs:-

Varied reasons can be attributed as to why a candidate back out, from my past experiences below are some of the common ones –

  • Have in hand several offers and will decide on the one best offer
  • Developing cold feet at the last moment before submitting his/her resignation letter
  • HR/Line Manager convinced him/her to stay back.
  • Was given a very good counter offer by employer so decided to stay back.
  • Not serious about leaving current job, and attending interviews just because the opportunity was presented to him/her.
  • Learnt of the project which was not to his liking/preference/expectation and is not keen on joining.
  • The final offer not up to his/her expectation
  • Did not agree with some of the clause(s) in the offer letter/appointment letter
  • His/her friends/contacts gave negative feedback about the organization so decided not to join.
  • Required joining time not reasonable.
  • See what offer he/she can get from the market to negotiate a better salary with existing employer.
  • Selection process took too long and has already accepted another offer.
  • Tried re-negotiating for more salary after selection.
  • Genuinely have personal/family issue because of which he/she cannot take up the offer.

Below are Few Tips to Minimize No Shows or Back Outs


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