Now You can Search Wikipedia Through Whats Up.



  1. Save the Wiki No- +1(581) 318-3940 to Contacts
  2. Create a Group with any Group name and add this contact (Saved in Step-1) only. You are already another contact by default: so Wikipedia and you (only 2 members) become the members.
  3. Now you post in that group, anything textual to search in Wikipedia starting text with “wiki<space>”.Eg:if you want something to know about “SBI” (State Bank of India)…You must type: wiki SBI.
  4. 4. Wikipedia replies you in the group automatically.

    Try this New feature from Wikipedia Today👍🏻
    Happy Wiki Searching👍🏻

  5. NOTE: If it do not work Immediately, Wait for few hours & Try.

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