Here are 16 recruiting and sourcing tools that can be used to help optimize your talent acquisition function or improve in-house recruitment capabilities.



Google Custom Search Engine 
A platform provided by Google that allows users to feature specialised information in web searches, refine and categorise queries and create customised search engines, based on Google search. Create your own search engine with other websites to locate people, names, titles, and more.

An automated social posting application that lets you schedule your tweets (and other social media posts) so that they publish at predetermined times.

Free email tool for recruiters to help you connect with people on LinkedIn without leaving Gmail.

The global marketplace of Fiverr offers an unlimited range of freelance projects and services for the flat rate of $5. It’s not unthinkable to consider that Fiverr could become a source of inexpensive (but good) recruitment and sourcing support.

An easy-to-use video recruiting software tool.

A Recruitment Marketing Platform that brings together job distribution, recruitment CRM, multiple career sites, social recruiting, mobile and employee referral networks into a single, unified software solution.

CV Fox 
This resume search engine scours the Internet for CVs (resumes) and has the most candidate-seeking and people finding tools in one place.

This search engine makes it easy to discover sites that just don’t make it to the top of the search engine results for whatever reason. Use it to deep dive into the web for active and passive candidates.

Elite People Search 
Powered by ZabaSearch, this search application provides the name, addresses, phone numbers, and date of birth associated with an individual from public records.

It improves recruiting and sourcing by collecting useful public information from around the around the web and inserting it into their comprehensive social search index. It then utilizes a series of complex algorithms to build robust composite profiles and insights into a person’s online professional presence. Many companies use it as their primary platform for sourcing recruiting and sales leads.

Desktop Search software helps you search and find information on your desktop faster.

Analytics and automation platform that makes it easy for companies to achieve results from their recruitment marketing strategy.
A publicly accessible, user submitted, messenger profile aggregator to enable communication on Skype, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and MSN messenger. Search users by their hobbies, work/profession, interests and more.

Searches, locates and builds a list with convenient follow buttons for you to find your niche user (or candidates) to follow or export. Tweet search locates users to follow who tweeted a matching filter or keyword you have specified. This is very helpful in locating people currently discussing a specific topic at that time.

Help desk software Online customer support software and help desk solution with 30 day free trial and plans starting with a free ($0 mo.) plan for up to 3 users.

Great for those that cannot find ready-to-buy prospect lists; or have in-house starter-lists that need to be updated with decision makers, title, email, phone & other demographic information. Sourcers & recruiters use it to rapidly build candidate pipeline & talent pools, so that they can expedite outbound recruiting campaigns.

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