Month: April 2016

Interpersonal skills – Sample questions


The interpersonal skills questions are usually used to assess the skills in interpersonal relationships of the interviewee. 

The most common interpersonal skills interview questions have been stated below that will help you to have a better understanding on how interviews work.

You should practice the answer again and again before you attend the interview. There is a chance that you will be asked below mentioned questions.

Sample Questions:

✩ Tell me about the toughest decision you had to make in the last six months

✩ Tell me about a time when you had to work closely with a coworker whom you disliked?. How did you manage him/her?

✩ What did you do to make the relationship work so you could succeed for your company?

✩ Describe a situation when you disagreed with the decisions of your higher officials. How did you tackle it? 

✩ Tell us about a time you changed your actions or decisions because something wasn’t working.

✩ Describe a conflict you were involved in at work. How did you resolve the conflict? or Tell me about a conflict you ran into at work with a colleague 

✩ What are the three most important factors that make you an effective, valued coworker in your current job?

✩ Tell us about a time where you were responsible for the biggest task.

✩ Tell us about a time when you developed a strong relationship with a customer.

✩ We have all had to work with someone who is difficult to get along with. Give us an example of when this happened to you and how you handled it.

Behavioral Interview : Basics & Key Aspects

             Behavioral Interview


Areas of Evaluation & Remembrance of Basics

Areas of evaluation : 

Behavioral questions which are aimed to assess the following skills & competencies.

✔ Leadership skills 

✔ Goal Setting or Planning

✔ Initiative abilities

✔ Innovative methods

✔ Verbal & Non-verbal Communication Skills

✔ Problem Solving Skills

✔ Interpersonal Skills

✔ Aptitude skills for technical areas 

✔ Adaptability

✔ Management or Supervisory skills

Key aspects of the Behavioral Interview

Problem Solving skills : 

Problems are the only opportunities to make good business judgments.
★ The hiring mangers look for your ability to describe or define the reasons behind the problem logically.

★ The employer wants to measure your conceptual thinking and tolerance for uncertainty.

★ They usually try to know how well you are in generating alternatives.

★ They will also except you to demonstrate your curiosity to manage the problems.

★ The employers evaluates how well you are going to implementing the solutions.

Positive thinking on others : 

♣ The employers using this behavioral interview technique to judge how positively you are going to influence others.

♣ Because the positive impact shows that you have an interest in other people.

♣ The confidence without egotism is the key to produce the very good impact on your colleagues.

♣ In this type of interview, the employer measures your ability to listen, understand and the way of responding to others 

Accomplishing the tasks: 

♦ The hiring managers determine how you set the high principles for yourself to achieve the task.

♦ They expects you to produces the outstanding results by means of handling the problem in an excellent manner.

♦ They want you to show a willingness to take risks to accomplish the task or to manage the problem. 

Building rapport 

♠ Building a very good relationship with others is a mandatory to take on leadership roles of any organization. 

♠ It helps you to build highly effective teams with a common idea to accomplish the tasks or to solve the given problem.

♠ So the employers prefer a person who is responsive to the thoughts and feelings of team members to grab the opportunities and to obtain solutions.

Skills Glossary for Tech Recruiters.

IT Skills

Improve your credibility with developer candidates by understanding the different technology languages, skills and roles with this tech glossary.

Use this Ultimate Tech Glossary to help you:

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The_Ultimate_Tech_Glossary_for_Recruiters_and_HR_Managers (1)


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