Behavioral Interview


Areas of Evaluation & Remembrance of Basics

Areas of evaluation : 

Behavioral questions which are aimed to assess the following skills & competencies.

✔ Leadership skills 

✔ Goal Setting or Planning

✔ Initiative abilities

✔ Innovative methods

✔ Verbal & Non-verbal Communication Skills

✔ Problem Solving Skills

✔ Interpersonal Skills

✔ Aptitude skills for technical areas 

✔ Adaptability

✔ Management or Supervisory skills

Key aspects of the Behavioral Interview

Problem Solving skills : 

Problems are the only opportunities to make good business judgments.
★ The hiring mangers look for your ability to describe or define the reasons behind the problem logically.

★ The employer wants to measure your conceptual thinking and tolerance for uncertainty.

★ They usually try to know how well you are in generating alternatives.

★ They will also except you to demonstrate your curiosity to manage the problems.

★ The employers evaluates how well you are going to implementing the solutions.

Positive thinking on others : 

♣ The employers using this behavioral interview technique to judge how positively you are going to influence others.

♣ Because the positive impact shows that you have an interest in other people.

♣ The confidence without egotism is the key to produce the very good impact on your colleagues.

♣ In this type of interview, the employer measures your ability to listen, understand and the way of responding to others 

Accomplishing the tasks: 

♦ The hiring managers determine how you set the high principles for yourself to achieve the task.

♦ They expects you to produces the outstanding results by means of handling the problem in an excellent manner.

♦ They want you to show a willingness to take risks to accomplish the task or to manage the problem. 

Building rapport 

♠ Building a very good relationship with others is a mandatory to take on leadership roles of any organization. 

♠ It helps you to build highly effective teams with a common idea to accomplish the tasks or to solve the given problem.

♠ So the employers prefer a person who is responsive to the thoughts and feelings of team members to grab the opportunities and to obtain solutions.

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