Model employer is an employer who implements right people management practices of fair treatment, recognition and compensation for the employees

Right people management practices include the overall experience of the employee from the time before joining the organization to the time after leaving the organization

Research also shows that good employment practices has clear impact on the business outcomes of a company.

An organization where its employees are valued, regularly appraised, rewarded and properly managed will also have positive impact on the client who use its services. 

Model Employer attracts high quality talent from the market. And also the staff would be motivated and attrition rate would be very low in such organizations. 

As the model Employer have high performing and motivated staff who are more efficient and flexible in working, the organization achieves its goals easily and also achieves high outcomes.

 Practices of Model Employer

Some of the practices of Model Employer include 1.flexible working hours, 

2. effective recruitment and selection, 

3. effective induction program, 

4. clear carrier structures,

5.  support for the professional training and personal development planning &support for overall development, 

6. effective leadership, cater to employee’s every need, encourage creativity and innovation, 

7. good leave policies, 

8. effective supervision systems, 

9. Effective appraisal systems, 

10. effective policies for the safety of female employees, violence and harassment,

11. good benefits and reward structure, robust pay structure, fair performance standards.


Some of the best companies to work for, according to Fortune include, Google, ACUITY Insurance, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), SAS institute, Quicken Loans, Edward Jones etc. Google has been on the list consistently for 10 years, with 7 times as No 1.

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