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Month: September 2017

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#HR #Word:#Deep #Work

“The type of work that optimizes your performance is deep work.” The idea of ‘deep work’ is nothing new. The term was recently coined by Cal Newport, a professor, scientist, and author of “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World.” Below are few extracts. How to create meaningful work Deep work does not have to be tedious. […]

Being HR 0

10 #Things to #Add to #Resume and 10 things to #Remove

An interesting Article published on Forbes News letter. The suggestions are practical and can be easily incorporated in one’s Resumes.  But, it all depends how a Recruiter Or Hiring Managers perceives such Resumes, Many of them are still not updated and just pushing their old school of thoughts. Below is the Link to the article. Happy Reading.

HR Word of The Day 0

#HR #Word:#Self #Handicapping

Self-handicapping is a cognitive strategy by which people avoid effort in the hopes of keeping potential failure from hurting self-esteem. It was first theorized by Edward E. Jones and Steven Berg last, according to whom self-handicaps are obstacles created, or claimed, by the individual in anticipation of failing performance. Self-handicapping can be seen as a method of preserving self-esteem but […]

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#HR #Word:#Culture #Fit

Cultural fit is best understood when you consider it within the context of your organization’s culture and how your organization’s culture was formed. A potential employee may express and exhibit the characteristics, language, and values that exist within the current organizational culture – or not. You want to hire only candidates whose belief and behavior systems appear congruent with your organizational culture. Few Questions […]