Meeting Minutes are the formal documents, either in written or recorded format, which are distributed to both the attendees and non-attendees to make them aware of what happened during the meeting.


The typical contents of the meeting minutes are – names of the participants, topics discussed, decisions made, follow-up actions assigned to participants, deadlines for upcoming commitments etc.


The contents of the Meeting Minutes vary with the type of organization for which they are documented. 

For example, in case of a corporate meeting, it is not necessary to document the exact wordings of the participants. It is convenient to keep these minutes short, concise and easy to understand. 

On the other hand, for a court hearing, it is must to record the exact wordings of the lawyer, witnesses, judges etc. every time before delivering the final judgment.


Ideally, the meeting minutes are distributed within 24 hrs from the completion of the meeting. 

The important advantage of the minutes is that they provide a clear understanding of what happened in the past and help participants prepare better for the future meetings

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