Hot stove rule is a tool proposed by Douglas Macgregor useful for imposing disciplinary action in an organization. 

This rule is analogous to hot red stove which as the following features-

• It has a warning.

• Remains same for every person i-e intensity of pain is same with every person who touches the stove

• Consistent disciplinary action i-e every time you feel the pain as and when you touch the stove.

Thus, In the context of human resource management we apply this rule as a disciplinary action against various acts of employees certain points must be kept in mind while applying this rule.

• Immediate investigation of fact to determine offence.

Previous warning must be given to the defaulter.

Disciplinary action must be administered on consistent basis such that employee were aware about the possible consequences in case of violation of rules of an organization. For it is required to have clear and transparent set of policies of an organization.

• Disciplinary action must be directed towards the act the person I-e it should be impersonal.

Apart from this guidelines one of the major advantage of using hot stove rule in organizations is that it leaves no place for resentment which is the said to be the permanent side effect all other disciplinary action used within the organization. 

Furthermore, as the disciplinary action being impersonal it also spread a essence of fairness within the organization. Also the disciplinary action is taken immediately after due warning and is applied consistently on impersonal basis it helps in growth of employees and success of an organization.

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