Hot desking is system(Shared Computer) in an organization which can be used by different employees in different timings with out affecting the stored data of other users.

Here, the users can use any configured computer system which is available at that time, and they can login into their machines virtually and use that.


In an organization, traditionally when one computer system is fully allocated to one employee, the system would be productively used only around 9 hours in a day. i.e. the productivity is less than 40%. And since the system can not be used by others, even the office space would be waste.

 As the work timings of employees were changing and more flexible work timings were introduced, the need for sharing computer systems and space have increased. 

Then the concept of hot desking is introduced, where an employee can login to his system from any computer virtually and work on it. Here the data is no more stored in the individual system, but it is stored in the central server. 

Hot desking system is very useful when the employees work in different timings, and it is also space efficient as the cost for space is very high presently. Since all the data is stored in a central server, the data can be more secure.


In the Hot desking system, where the virtual machine is used, the central server where the information is stored must be kept very secure. The system generally needs many security checks before logging in and some times it takes long time for the initial login and data to load.

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