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Month: June 2017

HR Word of The Day 0

#HR #Word:#Job #Simulation

Job simulation are defined as job sequences, where similar conditions are made according to that which occurs in the real course of job.  These can also be referred to as the employment tests, generally asking the prospective employees to perform tasks, that they would be required to perform on the job. Example, for Customer Service executive, a simulation could be […]

HR Word of The Day 0

#HR #Word:#Job #Tenure

Job tenure is the measure of the length of time an employee has been employed by his/her current employer.  Job tenure of an employee is very important and it is often employers consider job tenure as criteria for hiring new employees. Job tenure can be long or short. When an employee has worked for a long time with one particular […]

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#HR #Word:#Job #Bidding

Job bidding is a process in which applicants are required to compete with other applicants for a job position that has been posted by an employer or organization. This method of recruitment is used when the number of applicants exceeds the number of job positions that are being offered by a large number. In another example of job bidding, the […]

HR Word of The Day 0

#HR #Word:#Boomerang #Employee

A Boomerang Employee is defined as any employee who returns to work for a former employer. There are several different types of boomerang employees: 1.Those who left the company to further their careers. 2. Employees often state that they left their job because they wanted to learn new skills and gain new experiences that were not possible in their previous […]

HR Word of The Day 0

#HR #Word:#Internal #Fit

Internal fit is when the organizational systems, structure and technology are aligned with the Human Resource systems of the organization.  In internal fit all the internal elements of the organization complement and reinforce each other. When the performance of the organization is positively affected by the alignment between the organizational contingencies and the environmental contingencies it is said that fit […]