Dual commitment is the situation where a person has divided loyalty between two organizations or employers or projects at the same time. Often this results in a complicated situation where the person is responsible for safeguarding the interest of both the parties at the same time.

Working for an organization demands a sense of loyalty & commitment towards the respective employer from the employee. This is to ensure that he feels the job is important & he is accountable for the same.

Example: A person working for a real estate industry becomes a real estate consultant in some other company. He is basically looking after two interests at the same time. I took the example of real estate as it is an unregulated industry.

Thus we understand that dual commitment is possible in cases of unregulated industry, whereas illegal in regulated industry like insurance sector, etc.


1. There is a scope for extra remuneration for the person incase he is not happy with the compensation of the first company.

2. The person also comes to know about different scope & knowledge of the jobs is improved.


1. He is not able to perform to the fullest in any of the jobs, as he is committed to both jobs at the same time.

2. Sometimes it may be against the labor laws to allow the organizations to prohibit dual, and they may even land in legal issues

Thus it is imperative that dual commitment could be found in conditions of high cooperation on part of the employer, but it should be limited given that every job demands maximum potential out of any person to succeed.

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