Day: February 5, 2017

#HR Word: #Disciplinary #Procedure

​Disciplinary Procedure is  a comprehensive procedure written by an organization to ensure that the employees working there follow certain norms of discipline or code of conduct in their day to day operations.

 The written procedure results in transparent and uniform steps stating how the employees should behave and what would be the penalty for not following the disciplinary procedure. 

This helps the employer to take care of any issues emerging from employees’ performance which may prove to be costly, dangerous or illegal for a firm

As per the disciplinary procedure, disciplinary action is applied progressively i.e. if similar or related offences are repeated, it will result in more serious disciplinary actions.


Eg – In many companies, access to certain websites is blocked. An employee maybe penalized if he bends these rules. There are IT related disciplinary procedures to prevent an employee from accessing these websites.

Another example could be – In most of the companies, there are disciplinary procedures stating the implications of leaking confidential information

 Guide to #SocialRecruiting

Using social media as a tool for recruiting does not stop at posting jobs. 

#Social media offers a platform to showcase your company brand and  culture to prospective hires, illustrating to candidates who exactly you are as an organisation.

# It helps you build a talent pool by taking advantage of your existing network of connections.

 #It assists in sourcing andacquiring talent.

The whole lifecycle of recruiting is seen to, with even background checks being simplified by this resource. 

Best thing of all about social recruiting is it requires little financial input, just a little organisation, planning and creativity, which is ideal for any growing business. 

Once you post regularly and keep in conversation with your online connections, you’ve pretty much got the knack of it. 

Once you get the basics covered and bear your hiring objectives in the forefront of your mind, your only real limit in social media recruiting is your imagination.

The Below Link Covers Strategies for embarking upon your adventure in social media recruiting.

Download the PDF Line and design your strategy for Social Recruiting