RecruitingAdda organised a meet-up on 18th of June in Pune.
Around 50+ TA professionals accross industries participated to brainstorm on Possible ways of identifying, Controlling and Reducing Offer Declines.

Summarising Key Takeaways.

  1. Remote Location – With current trend organization can introduce remote working with good infra & Tech support either through co-working spaces or Empanelling Vendors for Tech Support.
  2. Sentimental Survey: Before releasing offer, a survey can be planned to assess the candidate sentiment towards the opportunity.
  3. Children Education: Sponsoring Kids education can help to create a emotional bond.
  4. Joining Bonus: Can be paid within a week of joining OR can propose higher joining bonus if candidate joins before the mutually agreed DOJ.
  5. Wealth management: Organization can guide on the ways to manage wealth with proper financial planning.
  6. Pincode Sourcing- Tap talent staying in the same Pincode of Office Location. It help in attracting Nearby talent .
  7. CSR contribution can be added as add on to CTC.
  8. Subscription to OTT Platform & Premium Plans for Grocery App.
  9. Centralized Contact centre for handling candidate Queries.
  10. Candidate Engagement App: Tracking Digital Engagement of candidates
  11. Sponsoring upskilling courses during notice period
  12. Promoting hiring Family members.
  13. Introducing Zero Level interviews for Critical and Strategic roles. Such interviews gives information on candidate future growth and Upskilling plans.
  14. Hobbies Club : Can help candidate to continue or Develop hobbies.
  15. ESOP : Stock options plans to.employees.
  16. Unlimited Leaves.
  17. Flexibility & 4 Day Working.
  18. Personalized Gifts for offered candidates.
  19. Flexi Relocation Policy – No time & Cost limits. Paid on actuals. Can cover House Agent charges.
  20. Analysing Historical offer decline data for identifying risk
  21. Competitive insurance packages
  22. Interest free loans.
  23. Reimbursing Home Loan interest.

If you there could be more which can be added to the list. Pls share it in comments.

All recruiter consider offer decline as part of their hiring strategy, but with current surge in decline it’s been a concern to stay focused on executing a successful hiring plan.

Meet Up

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  1. Talent acquisition can Collaborate with the business to have fort nightly connects with the offered candidates and engage them together – A proper questionnaire can be formed and this should be more of engaging candidate vibes.

    Do a virtual hi tea session where senior leader is invited to speak to the offered or potential joiners and interacts with them letting them know about the future projection, projects details etc along with Q&A.

    Companies to incorporate day care expenses over and above the CTC- The day care should have valid licence to work. This will help attract the working parents.


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