It’s a new feature on WhatsApp. Now you can secure your WhatsApp chats with additional security feature of fingerprint.

As HR professional, we too use WhatsApp often for formal communication and many of these are confidential. Though many companies don’t allow such communications but it’s true that it’s been used informally .

How to enable such feature.

1. Update your app

2. Go to settings -Privacy-Fingerprint, then enable the option

Once the fingerprint is enabled, users will only be able to access chats by authenticating using their fingerprint. They can, however, still reply to messages from the notification shade and answer calls even when the app is locked.

Users who use the app frequently can also select an option delay the fingerprint lock.

The options available are Immediate, After 1 minute, and After 30 minutes.

For iPhone:Touch I’d and Face I’d is available

For Android :Only Touch ID.

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