Usually when we define recruiting we tend to conclude it to attracting and hiring candidates.

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What if?, A candidate choose your organisation as his /her next employer. It is surprising to hear, but yes it is happening. We can influence a candidate to apply to a job published by us.

The buzz word which is making waves is called Inbound Recruiting.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

Inbound Recruiting is a branding strategy which aims to connect engage and attract future talent. It help organisations to easily convert a Candidate to a Hire.

As per LinkedIn survey on Applicants : Only 12,% are active job seekers, rest 88% are the passive one. So the target for inbound Recruiting is to target and attract the pending 88%.

Question is how do we do it. Is that really easy or need patience. Yes it is time consuming and need more focus.

Source LinkedIn

How to start with inbound Recruiting

1. Define a proactive sourcing strategy

2. Reach out to candidates with personalized messages

3. Say hello to candidates at different times: Engage then

4. Devote your resources to best performing candidate sources : use your best team to engage passive taker

5. Better candidate management : Ensure you use a ATS or tool to manage Application

Read more about inbound Recruiting from below link

How to build inbound Recruiting strategy

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