Manning refers to the supplying of man power to a particular department of the company depending up on the need of the department. 

Companies used to prepare manning table which is a kind of survey table which shows man power requirement in each of the department and the time for which they are required. Manning is one of the part of Staffing.

Staffing refers to recruitment, selection, training of the selected candidates, their compensation and development of employees in the organization. After the recruitment and selection part of the staffing, the selected candidates are deployed to various departments depending upon their work experience, skillset, aptitude , nature of the job, skills required in the job and this process is called as manning.

Before manning, the organization has to do forecast of manpower required and planning

This phase shows :

1.Where more man power will be required in the future. 2.What will be the skills expected from the manpower. 3.Which employees needs to go for training and how many new employees will be needed at that place. 

4.How many will be promoted in near future and who all will be replacing them. 

All the future requirements are analyzed and based on that recruitment and selection is done. This creates a pool of new employed people and then they are deployed to various departments.

De-manning is also practiced in companies sometimes. This is a process in which manpower is reduced. The reasons of de-manning are generally like if a new machine is introduced in the plant, the workers doing the same job manually are no more in need now, automation of data entry and the employees doing it earlier by manual entries are not needed now, reduction in business of the company, technology advancement, closure or merging of a particular department etc.

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