Low Road is the adoption of short term, less effective human resource policies that results in poor business performance

Low road are the policies like improper training and development interventions, not able to provide job security as an employer, non-motivating reward & recognition policies etc.

Human resource function inside organization takes importance in areas of people management policies. The kind of policies adapted by HR has major impact on motivational level and performance of human resources. This finally impacts business performance of company.

As against this, bundle of policies with necessary level of interventions leads to higher corporate performance

Important thing to be understood in this context is right mix of policies to get higher corporate performance. Policies must be coherent i.e. single message should go to employees about employer.

Strategic perspective to low road:

Adoption of low cost strategy, lead to low road. As organizations tries to reduce the cost in each and every activity, it puts pressure on human resource practices to keep practices in alignment with low cost. Low road practise keeps cost under control by reducing quality of worker employed. This lead to short term focus which affects long term corporate performance.

As seen low road are practices which could be adapted owning to situational factor but for long term gain this could be misleading.

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