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Month: August 2017

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#HR #Word :#Sourcing #Plan (20/20/60)

The Essence of a 20/20/60 Sourcing Plan  ( As mentioned in article by Lou Adler) 20% of your efforts need to be posting compelling, career-oriented recruitment advertising so that the best active candidates will find it easily when searching on Google or a job board aggregator. Not only does the posting need to be easily found, but it also needs […]

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#HR #Word:#MPS (#Motivating #Personal #Score)

 MPS ( Motivating Personal Score) is a metric evaluators use to evaluate the capacity of a job to motivate.  The model underlying the metric – Hackman and Oldham’s Job Characteristics Model, which principally positioned  that it is the job itself that determines motivation — was developed to reflect the psychological state of the worker, characteristics of the job as well as […]

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#HR #Word:#Six #Domain #Leadership

These six domains—personal leadership, relationship leadership, contextual leadership, inspirational leadership, supportive leadership, and ethical leadership—together create a comprehensive and dynamic model of leadership activities, This view of leadership behaviors as encompassed by the six domains includes not only intellectual aspects of leadership but also emotional and reflective aspects that encompass individual leaders, their relationships with others, and their ties to […]

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#HR #Word:#Model #Employer

Model employer is an employer who implements right people management practices of fair treatment, recognition and compensation for the employees.  Right people management practices include the overall experience of the employee from the time before joining the organization to the time after leaving the organization.  Research also shows that good employment practices has clear impact on the business outcomes of […]

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#HR #Word:#MOM (Minutes of Meeting)

Meeting Minutes are the formal documents, either in written or recorded format, which are distributed to both the attendees and non-attendees to make them aware of what happened during the meeting.   The typical contents of the meeting minutes are – names of the participants, topics discussed, decisions made, follow-up actions assigned to participants, deadlines for upcoming commitments etc.   The […]

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#HR #Word:Decision #Engineering

Decision engineering (more recently called decision intelligence by The Decision Intelligence Institute International and companies like Quan telling ) is a framework that unifies a number of best practices for organizational decision making. The basic idea: decisions are based on our understanding of how actions lead to outcomes. Decision intelligence is a discipline for analyzing this chain of cause-and-effect, and […]

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#HR #Word:#Heterarchy

A heterarchy is a system of organization where the elements of the organization are unranked (non-hierarchical) or where they possess the potential to be ranked a number of different ways.  Definitions of the term vary among the disciplines: in social and information sciences, heterarchies are networks of elements in which each element shares the same “horizontal” position of power and […]

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#HR #Word:#Social #HR

Social HR is identified as the practice of using social media platforms for HR functions. Social HR has been mostly used for recruitment, but has also shown to be helpful in boosting employee engagement, working on employee development, and facilitating internal discussions. ( Ref: HR payroll systems) Social HR for Recruitment By 2020, about 50 percent of the work force will […]

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#HR #Word: #Manning

Manning refers to the supplying of man power to a particular department of the company depending up on the need of the department.  Companies used to prepare manning table which is a kind of survey table which shows man power requirement in each of the department and the time for which they are required. Manning is one of the part […]