Lone worker is a person working alone without assistance and isolated from other workers without a supervisor

Such a person could be vulnerable to risk. 

Lone workers, since they are not directly supervised, faces more risk than other workers. The employers have to take necessary steps for the safety of the lone worker. The employers should maintain the written health and safety policy and give a clear understanding about that to the employee.

Lone worker includes many different kinds of workers such as:

 1. People who work in a fixed base and working alone on the premises, like employees working in petrol pumps and in shops.

 2. People working separately from others but in the same premises as other employees, like security staff or the people working outside the normal hours. 

3. People working away from the fixed base, like agriculture and forestry workers, electricians, healthcare workers, service or maintenance workers etc.

 4. People working from home, like freelancing, software code developers etc. 

 5. People working on mobile, like taxi drivers.


The employer should provide a safe system to work because in case of electricians and maintenance employees it would be very risky if the systems are not good. Employers have prove safe work environments to work, else it would be dangerous to the employees working in petrol pumps. And maintenance workers should not be asked to go to any place or any client for work, the employer has to make sure it is safe before asking the employee to go there. The employer has to give necessary training to the employees before assigning the work.

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