Daniel Goleman came out with a book in 2002 on the topic of leadership style and the importance of leaders to create resonance in the organization.

 He mentioned six different leadership traits and each have there of creating resonance.

The most effective leader will be the one who can switch between the various roles as demanded by the situation in order to create the resonance in the organization.

The resonance here is nothing but the positive feeling of faith and trust within the employees which increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees.

The six leadership styles are as follows:

  • 1.Visionary: Believes in the vision and act as an inspiration for the employees and subordinates
  • 2.Coaching: Helps and believes in mentoring.
  • 3.Affiliative: Inclined toward creation of harmony and peace among subordinates
  • 4.Democratic: More of a team player and give equal chance to all
  • 5.Pacesetting: High on taking initiative and achieving personal goals but low in affiliation
  • 6.Commanding / Authoritative: Believes in giving orders and no chance of equal opportunity and affiliation. Prefers strict control over the company