ÏÇÇP (​Individual centred career planning) has become a popular due to the volatile world that we live in. 

Changing organisational needs have forced many people to shift their career paths in entirety, hence there has been a steady shift from focusing on organisational needs to a focus on individual needs during career planning. 

Thus, individual-centred career planning focuses on an individual’s responsibility for building their career, rather than making organisational goals as the focus.

There are several activities that are undertaken by a person who focuses on his career. These include:

1. Feedback: Individuals with a strong determination for building their career always seek feedback from their immediate supervisors and if required, their peers as well. Feedback serves as an important tool to assess individual’s performance, their role in organisation’s growth and how they can be useful in future plans of the organisation. Appraisals are the usual means for getting such information.

2. Self-assessment: Since individual centred career planning focuses on building an individual’s career, it is important to realise their strengths and weaknesses as well as their areas of improvement. Also, self-assessment will make one realise their area of interest and ability, such that they can tailor their future path for career advancement accordingly.

3. Setting career goals: Making short-term as well as long-term goals towards career advancement is essential to get the necessary training or skills for moving towards the right career path. It also ensures that individual gains relevant experience to pursue the career of his choice.

There are several choices which factor in while making decision about career choices. It is strongly affected by a person’s values and interests, their self-image, personality and social background.

 People generally choose careers which they think are in sync with their values and interests. However, over time, career choices are made on the basis of skills possessed, abilities and realistic career paths.

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  1. Yes rightly said Feedback & Self Assessment is majorly required in career progression & there after doing the required changes by a person is required in career progression


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