Equality bargaining can be defined as a joint negotiation of facilities or policies for the assistance of under-represented groups, or minorities, or disadvantaged, with an objective to give an opportunity of equality at work. It can be equality of pay, value, benefits, recognition etc.

In a general sense, equality can be based on age (i.e. to treat people of all age equally), based on disability (i.e. to treat disabled people and non-disabled people equally), based on gender (i.e. to treat people of all genders equally), based on race (i.e. to treat people of other race equally), based on religion or belief (i.e. to treat people following other religions equally) and based on nationality (i.e. to treat people of other nations equally).

 But Equality Bargaining is more frequently used in the case of the gender, mainly for equal pay for male and female employees performing same job or job of equal value in a organization.


Unions play a major role in bargaining related to the issues of women and the discrimination towards women. Some of the main issues related to women discrimination in collective bargaining dealt by the unions are:

1. Equal pay for equal work: Men and women of similar qualifications should be paid equally when they perform same or almost same work in similar conditions.

2. Equal pay for work of equal value: Men and women may not be performing same work but, if the value of the work is same then they have to be paid same.

3. Overtime and bonus systems: All workers should be benefited overtime hours paid at overtime rates. Men and women should be eligible for bonus pay equally.

4. Pension schemes, housing benefits, transport benefits and medical benefits should be provided equally to men and women.

5. Additional benefits should be provided to women in terms of maternity leaves, compassionate leaves etc.

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