Day: March 28, 2017

#HR Word:#Executive #Coaching 🛃

🛃 ​Executive coaching refers to the mutually designed relationship between a professional coach and an executive who holds an important position in the organization. 

The executive is responsible for complex decisions analysis given his important position

This type of coaching not only involves professional development but also involves personal development of the executives as his role would have a huge impact on the organizational performance.

Most of the executive coaches focus on several areas like psychology, business, motivational, leadership skills etc.

This kind of coaching is usually imparted at the time of career change, or career transition.

 The three stages of the executive coaching process are:


 2.Feedback and Development

 3.Planning and implementation.

Unlike other forms of coaching, the client is actively involved in the design and the method of delivery of the coaching.

E.g. Many coaching academies all over the world impart executive coaching to the executives of the company. Some of the famous ones include HayGroup, Executive Coaching Academy etc.

Happy Hindu New Year,.🎆🎉