Degradation of work can be simply defined as reduction in the quality of work. By any reason if we can say that the quality of work is reducing or the employees are not achieving the satisfactory outputs from the provided inputs, then we can say that there is degradation of work.


Degradation of work is a threat to a company in the present scenario where the industry is facing a lot of competition from the external markets, where many innovative methods are introduced to increase the productivity and there by quality, where many startups are taking births with new ideas and where disruptive technologies are coming up which can completely change the way to deal with situations and change people’s expectations. In this situation if a company is suffering from the degradation of work, it could even lead to its extinction. Industries are adopting many new ways to increase the productivity of the employees. This is the best way to achieve more from less. 

Lot of research is going on in this field on how to increase the productivity and Human Resource department is gaining its importance in the companies because of this.


Research has identified many reasons for the degradation of work, some of the important reasons which could be addressed to increase the productivity in a company are:

Poor Management: Poor management practices like poor supervision, poor communication flow, ineffective organization structure, lack of proper acknowledgement etc. decreases a company’s productivity in many ways.

Outdated Technology: If company uses outdated systems and methods to implement its processes, the productivity decreases. It has to upgrade and automate the processes.

Employee Dissatisfaction: Dissatisfied employees are the ones who are unproductive. Dissatisfaction can happen because of many different reasons and companies should handle this issue very carefully.

Companies should find out the major reasons behind the work degradation and should handle it effectively to increase the productivity.

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