Today, trade union forms an important part of our is an organization of workers to protect their interest and also works for improving their working conditions

Trade union has evolved over a period of time in different forms and Çraft union is one amongst them this type of union is most prevalent in western countries where industrial way of life is has had a longer history.

The structure of craft union revolves around certain specified skills which differentiates its members from the ordinary workers thus it specifies the need of special kind of training for its members.

Çraft unions are thus open for members with certain trade skills (include both skilled and semiskilled workers )for example- association of all workers in textile industry, sugar manufacturing industry etc.

Advantages of craft union-

• Craft union links all workers possessing similar skills and specialization

• Craft union covers all workers engaged in a single occupation or craft irrespective of industries forms an union.

• A craft union has strong bargaining power because of the specific skills possessed by its members which could not be replaced by the ordinary workers.

In India, we have very few craft union of industrial workers but we can commonly found the union of white collar workers and professionals like association of teachers, government employees, doctors, bank employees etc.


Wishing you all a Very Happy and Prosperous Sankranti, Bihu, Lohri & Pongal.



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