​Çontrolled experiment is a phenomenon where research is conducted by changing only one variable at a time. All the other parameters are kept constant and only one parameter is changed for research purpose in controlled experiment.

    Research is a continuous phenomenon. Every now and then researchers are trying hard to propose a theory or test certain hypothesis and by deducing certain results they either support the work done by other researchers of the field or provides other dimension to it by expressing their contradictory opinion

    Before heading towards the experiments in research, it is therefore of great importance for us to figure out the basic rules which every researcher aims to comply with while working on a research objective. The two basic conditions are –

    – Sample should be the true representation of the population

    – They like to control as many variable as possible

    Researchers often choose those experiments for research which fulfil the basic conditions.in the researcher’s community the controlled experiment is amongst the most preferred one. Under this experiment a researcher tries to study effect of an independent variable on the dependent variable

    What are independent and dependent variable?

    Independent variable

    Those factors in an experiment which remain unchanged on altering the other factors of the experiment.

    Dependent variable

    The factors of research experiment which changes as a result of change in other corresponding factors

    Controlled experiment is an experiment through which an observer tests the hypothesis by making changes in one variable and looking for its consequent changes in other variable.in this experiment independent variable is altered and its affects are being observed on the dependent variable which remains unaltered during the experiment.

    For example-Our hypothesis is as follows-Job satisfaction depends upon the salary of an employee.

    Here, salary is our independent variable and job satisfaction is our dependent variable.

    By conducting a controlled experiment we would like to see the change in job satisfaction by altering salary of employees of the organization.

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