Çonstraints on the recruiting efforts are the hindrances faced during the recruitment process. 

In real world practice it is actually difficult to find and select a suitable candidate fit for the job. The recruiting organization’s mode of communication may not be an appropriate one.

Some of the brilliant applicants may feel that the vacancy is not in line with their current expectation or their talent. An organization may not be able to select the candidates freely even though they offer much better salaries and amenities.

Following are few constraints faced by the organization during the recruitment:-

1. Reputation of the organization- The reputation of the organization influences the recruitment process to a great extent. A candidate may not apply to the enterprise if it doesn’t carry a good image in the society. The probability of attracting large pool of applicant is reduced in such a case. This usually happen due to poor working conditions, delay in salary, rude management, etc.

2. Unattractive Jobs- If the job is hazardous, tension ridden, boring, unattractive, lacks opportunities, very few of the candidates would be applying for it. At the same time if there is opportunity of growth, flexible working hours, good working conditions, high salary, there would be large number of applicants for such kind of jobs.

3. Trade union- In some of the cases, agreement with the trade unions may be the constraint to recruit employee from outside. An agreement with the union to fill certain percentage of posts will restrict the choice of the management.

4. Organizational Policies- The internal policy framework of the organization also acts as a constraint sometimes for recruiting any applicant. A policy of recruiting higher positions from outside might discourage a deserving candidate to apply in such an organization.

5. Government Policies- Sometimes the government policies also act as a constraint on recruitment policy of the enterprise. Government policy may require certain percentage of seats to be reserved for the weaker section of the society. Government policy may also require selecting a candidate from the list provided by the government employment exchange. Such kind policies restrict the management from recruiting by their choice.

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