Compulsory unionism is a phenomenon which mandates the employees to be a part of the existing union

Unions provide many services to the people. Collective bargaining and negotiations between employer and employee happens through unions.

Unions also Elect its leaders who heads the union. And for all its activities and its services, unions incur certain costs, which are collected from its members regularly. 

Union accounts and expenses are maintained clearly. 

The benefits obtained from the collective bargaining and negotiations with the employer, are also applicable to non-union members. That is, non-union members who are not paying the membership fee and union dues, are also benefited from the unions. As a solution to this issue, the concept of compulsory unionism was introduced, which mandates every employee to be a part of the union and pay the union dues.

Compulsory unionism also raises certain problems. As many unions have their mechanisms in proper place, this makes the union fees high. The people who could not afford such high fees will face problems. Certain benefits from the union will not be useful or applicable to all its members, but even then people will be forced to pay the fees for the benefits which are not wanted or needed by them. 

Compulsory unionism also clashes with the fundamental human right i.e. right to freedom of association. Many people who are disinterested with the activities of the union, will not be willing to pay for the unions. Hence many people are against it.

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