Definition: Bulletin Board

Bulletin Boards are the most basic means of communicating with employees and can be a hassle- free method of conveying the new policies and procedures to all the employees. It also serves as a valuable evidence in case of an agency audit, a lawsuit or a grievance. 

Bulletin boards are prevalent at universities. It can be used to inform the students anything going on in the university. 

Online bulletin boards are prevalent nowadays. The emergence of online bulletin boards was due to the fact that the online internet forums were replacing the traditional bulletin boards. This made the job easier for the uploader as well as the reader. For example, a group of employees organized an event and they were to put up the poster of that event on every bulletin board present in the office. It would be easier for them if they were to upload that poster onto the online bulletin board instead of going to every bulletin board.


Physical attributes:

1. Size: It depends on organization to organization but major organizations follow a rule of 4 feet by 8 feet.

2. Construction: It should have a lockable sliding glass or a plastic door to ensure the safety of the postings. There should be enough lighting for the board.

3. Location: The bulletin board should be present in the most accessible area where employees are most likely to pass through.

4. Electronic Bulletin Board: The presence of bulletin boards on the Company Intranet or the electronic bulletin board does not replace the need for the physical bulletin boards.

Some more points related to bulletin boards:

1. A suggestion box should be placed near the bulletin board.

2. Maintain postings that comply with the laws of the country.

3. Post the company’s harassment policies, grievance process and emergency evacuation plan.

4. Make sure the company documents posted on the bulletin boards have proper date, time and contact details.

5. Strictly follow written bulletin board policies. Failure to do so will sacrifice the value of a bulletin board.

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