LinkedIn has come up with a new feature called #Teammates.

This feature is currently being piloted and isn’t accessible to all LinkedIn members. It will widely available soon.

How to navigate to teammate ,☝️

The Teammates feature will ensure that you never miss an update from your team.

When you add your teammates it will use this information to update you about your team’s activity on LinkedIn, subject to their privacy settings.

To ensure transparency, teammates that you add will be notified that you added them as a teammate, and they can either verify that you’re their teammate or indicate that the information is incorrect. If your teammate verifies your relationship, they’ll receive updates about your LinkedIn activity.

Some activities that you may be notified about includes:

  • Work anniversaries and birthdays
  • Posts and shares
  • Comments

Whom you can add

You can currently add

1.Your manager

2. Teammates reporting to your manager

3. other teammates, and

4. Direct reports.

LinkedIn is working to improve the feature, so you’ll be able to add other types of coworkers and important professional relationships in the future. At this time, you can add up to one manager, 19 teammates who report to your manager, 20 direct reports, and 10 other teammates.

Like and Share. Happy Learning.



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