Observation interview is defined as the process of observing certain employees in a firm while they are performing their respective jobs and tasks given at a certain time, these observations are then utilized to gather data regarding specific jobs and tasks.

Image Credit : Constant Credit

There is different type of observation interviews: –

1.Direct (Reactive) Observation

During direct observation the interviewer knows that somebody is watching and evaluating his/her performance. There are two types of direct observations.

  1. Continuous Monitoring- as the name suggests it requires continuous monitoring through behavior or body language of the individual.
  2. Time Allocation- It allows a researcher to randomly allocate selecting a place and certain time

2. Unobtrusive Observation 

Unobtrusive observation involves certain methods and ways for studying behavior of an individual where the individual does not know that he/she is being observed during the interview. This only problem with this method is that standardization needs to be maintained during each interview conducted for all the individuals to ensure fairness and transparency.

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