The Gen Y – Millennials are the demographic cohort following the generation X. Although no specific date has been provided as to the origin of this generation, but unofficial sources mention the birth years from the early 1980s to 2000. 

A study by PWC, however, puts the timeline between 1980 and 1995. They are characterized by structured living, networking and contact with diverse people, and sense of values.

The characteristics can be broadly summarized as

• These people are more civic minded and have strong sense of community, both local as well as global. They work in diverse teams in workplace, love making friends with coworkers and also they work quiet well with diverse coworkers.

• These people are also characterized by strong confidence, tolerance and a sense of entitlement

• The characteristics of the people, however, may vary from region to region and depends on religion and culture as well

• They show strong values towards liberal attitude and regards for social and cultural issues

• The economic prospects of the millennials have been hurt with the 2007-08 recession and many countries have launched youth unemployment schemes to revive them

• The millennials are probably more tolerant about religion and are probably more skeptical to religious institutions than the Gen Y

• These people have come in an age when entertainment industry is strongly affected by the internet and hence internet penetration in this generation is high

Please refer the Wiki article for more insights

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