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Month: May 2017

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#HR #Word: #Ãgile #HR

Lately we’ve been hearing quite a bit about the concept of Ãgile HR. While it seems to be an increasingly popular idea, Many HR practitioners do not  completely understand what it means. Incorporating an element of agility into the HR function allows it to be nimbler and helps create an organizational culture that’s more responsive to the needs of customers. […]

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#HR #Word:#Intermediate #Skills

Intermediate skills are something which are in the middle i.e. in the developing stage to become an advanced skill.  Intermediate skills are achieved through putting sufficient effort, undergoing trainings and practicing them. Intermediate skills are not easy to achieve, one needs to spend significant amount of time working on it.  The person possessing intermediate skill level is assumed to have […]

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#HR Word:#Consumerization of #HR

In her excellent article “Consumerization of HR: 10 trends companies will follow in 2016” Jeanne Meister captured all the trends she describes under the label “Consumerisation”. Consumerization of HR refers to creating a social, mobile, and consumer-style experience for employees inside the company.  As MIT research finds, the expectation of social and collaborative tools in the workplace is no longer […]

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#HR #Word:#Individual #Labor #Law

Individual Labor Law is a branch of law that deals with the relationship between the employer and employee, without involvement of trade unions.  Any agreement which deals between employer and individual employee (which does not involve union) comes under Individual Labor Law. Among the thousands of laws that control our day to day life, labor laws are one of the […]

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#HR #Word:#Individualism

Individualism is defined as the process of being self-reliant & dependent upon oneself, own skills & abilities.  It is contrasted with collectivism by the fact that it focuses on doing things oneself & not being dependent on others. It emphasizes upon the principles of personal growth, self-sufficiency & autonomy. Advantages: 1. Sense of freedom & independence, deciding on oneself & […]

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#HR #Word: #ICCP

ÏÇÇP (​Individual centred career planning) has become a popular due to the volatile world that we live in.  Changing organisational needs have forced many people to shift their career paths in entirety, hence there has been a steady shift from focusing on organisational needs to a focus on individual needs during career planning.  Thus, individual-centred career planning focuses on an […]

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#HR #Word: #Improshare

Improshare is “Improved Productivity through Sharing” and was coined by Mitchell Fien.  Improshare is a type of group bonus that is gained depending on the productivity of the team.  Productivity is measured through amount of output produced in a given time period. The bonus amount depends on both employees who contribute directly and indirectly to the output. The bonus is […]

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#HR #Word: #Impasse

It denotes a state of negotiation in which an agreement cannot be arrived at. Neither side is then willing to compromise on outstanding issues. Third-party or external mediation may then be considered necessary to resolve the state to continue negotiation.  A panel may be set up to independently investigate the facts of the matter who may arbitrate upon the issues […]

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#HR Word: #Hot #Stove #Rule

Hot stove rule is a tool proposed by Douglas Macgregor useful for imposing disciplinary action in an organization.  This rule is analogous to hot red stove which as the following features- • It has a warning. • Remains same for every person i-e intensity of pain is same with every person who touches the stove • Consistent disciplinary action i-e […]

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#HR #Word:#Hot #Desking

Hot desking is system(Shared Computer) in an organization which can be used by different employees in different timings with out affecting the stored data of other users. Here, the users can use any configured computer system which is available at that time, and they can login into their machines virtually and use that.   In an organization, traditionally when one computer […]

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#HR#Word: #Host#Country #Effect

Host country effect is the change that a company has to adopt in terms of hr practices, legal bindings, business policies etc when it sets up its business in another country or the host country. Host country is the country where a multinational company establishes its subsidiaries to grow its business. Every country has its own culture and legal bindings […]

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#HR #Word:#Holland #Vocational #Preferences

According to Holland Vocational Preferences, people make career decisions by projecting self and worldly views of work over occupational titles.  John Holland developed the ‘theory of vocational choice’ which is widely accepted all over the world for career development. This theory postulates that the higher the degree of similarity between individual’s personality characteristics and occupational characteristics, higher is the probability […]

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#HR #Word:P-O #Fit (#Person-#Organization #Fit)

Using Person-Organization Fit In Selection Imagine a situation in which an individual has found an occupation that suits his needs, works for a pleasant supervisor, and receives a competitive wage and benefits.  While this may sound like a storybook tale, if we further consider that the same individual enjoys working in teams, is excited by working to meet challenging goals, […]

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#HR #Word: #Harmonization

Harmonization means to match the allowance of the person with kind of work and value addition the individual is doing to the organization. If there is a disparity between the works and take away salary given to the person, then there is chance of worsening of attrition rate in the company. Harmonization, in broad terms, means to get things in […]

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#HR #Word:#Guaranteed #Fair #Treatment

Guaranteed Fair Treatment is an HR program or policy that ensures that all employees of an organization are given fair and equal treatment.  These policies are expected to be well documented and highly publicized so that employees are aware of specific actions that have to be taken in times of need.  Areas that are mostly in need of guaranteed fair […]

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#HR Word:#Green #Circled #Employee 

 Å Green circled employee is such a job holder who is being paid below the salary which has been set for the job in question.  It is one of the most potent problem in compensation management, along with a red-circled employee which is exactly the opposite and hence is a cost for the organisation. There can be several causes of an […]