Facilitation is the process by which, managers, leaders, and communicators add content, process and structure to discussions, meetings, thinking groups and ideas

Facilitation is generally done by an individual who is called the facilitator, who leads the groups to obtain information and knowledge, and to work collaboratively and accomplish a given set of objectives or the goals that are sought after.

There are different types of facilitation, to name a few – Group facilitation, Individual facilitation

Group facilitation is generally done by internal or external individuals seeking to improve presented content and knowledge, formulating process, providing structure to meetings, promoting shared responsibility, and drawing participation.

Individual facilitation also has similar objectives but is targeted at an individual rather than a group, in improving the desired qualities in the individual and bringing for the desired goals and objectives of facilitation.

A facilitator should have good leadership skills, deep knowledge about processes and structures of discussion, understanding of interpersonal dynamics, strong listening and communication skills etc.