Exit interview is the interview conducted by an organization for its departing employee. 

This is a mandatory part of the resignation process in most organizations.


It is important that the employee gives genuine answers and hence the employers generally employ a neutral party to conduct this interview.

 In most organizations, this is the responsibility of HR executives. In some organizations, a third party is also employed for this purpose. The interviews are can be conducted in person, telephonically or even in the form of a questionnaire.


 These interviews are very important source of feedback for the employer. The interview not only puts forth the reason of the employee’s resignation, but also shows an honest picture of the working of the team. 

These interviews allow the employer to know the concerns of its employees, which can be addressed.

These interviews can also uncover serious issues like harassment, discrimination, violence before they turn into lawsuits.

 If the interviews are conducted fairly and the issues are worked upon, then a lower turnover and higher employee satisfaction can be achieved in the long run.

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