What’s Up is Very Popular among all. It is also being Used by Recruiters to Connect with Candidates or Headhunt.

Below are few etiquette Points which we can follow.

Some whatsapp manners..also called Whanners 😛😜
1. Check the messages before posting. Do not use your phone as copy machine.

2. Pls. add a caption about video. Not everyone is interested in cockroaches in China or how to peel garlic.

3. Pls. do not personalize reply. These are forwarded messages not sender’s life story.

4. Pls. do not bombard the group with your messages.

5. Pls. do not expect reply to each of your posts. People have other jobs too.

6. Pls. post the jokes to the taste of the group.

7. Pls. avoid communal / hatred posts. Your admin also has a family to take care.

8. Pls. do not post IAS / IIT level puzzles. Most of us are poor back benchers trying to use technology.

9. It’s okay to put only couple of smiley to show that you can laugh.

10. If you are a member of a group, at least post one message per month . We will know that you are willing to Stay in the Group

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