Every change beings something good. I am sure, post COVID, they way we hire and Recruit will see a great change.

Sharing a good article, published by People Matters, it focuses on how hiring patterns will change post COVID and what will be priority for a Recruiter.

Today’s job market looks increasingly pessimistic day by day, as the COVID-19 pandemic takes its toll on the economy.

Consumer demand has plunged, hitting business revenues and margins. Supply chains have been disrupted, leaving retail shelves empty and production lines out of material. Stock markets are tumbling, and companies fear they will not be able to get investor funding. Business expansion plans have been replaced by business continuity plans, or simply by panic. The worst affected industries, travel and tourism and their related sectors, are freezing pay and hiring, or carrying out massive layoffs.

Click on below link for detailed read 👇

Article: How COVID-19 is changing hiring patterns https://www.peoplemattersglobal.com/article/talent-acquisition/how-covid-19-is-changing-hiring-patterns-25375



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