Recruiting is an art, the more you do the more you learn to make it perfect.

Recently there was a webinar 🔊on Hiring and there were questions asked by recruiters which were answered by industry experts from bambooHR and Glassdoor.

TOP 7 questions were shortlisted , below are questions.

1. How do you hire for culture and

2.How do you avoid making people think they got the job while still providing a positive candidate

3. What do you do with serial

4. What are some best practices
for sending out surveys to candidates?

5. What are the best interview questions to ask?

6. How do you make sure someone is a great fit for the job, not just the companyand culture?

7. How can you make rejections

Download the below file 👇 to get answers to all above questions.

Top 7 Questions Answered 👈 Click here