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HR Word: Job Evaluation

​Job Evaluation definition A systematic, formal process that allows organisations to compare jobs to others across the company and the industry. Job evaluation is often seen as the foundation for a fair and efficient pay framework. Job evaluations may be carried out in order to help businesses: Produce a fair pay framework Reduce inefficiencies in remuneration e.g. two people on […]

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HR Word: Internship

​Internship definition Internships are training programmes aimed at younger workers, from school-age students to post-graduates, in which the individual exchanges their time and service for experience in a particular industry. They are commonly seen as the white-collar equivalent of apprenticeships. Employers may be paid or unpaid. They are not permanent positions and are typically for a defined period of time, […]

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HR Word: #Integrity #Testing

Integrity testing, which may also go by the name honesty testing, is a pre-employment screening practice that attempts to predict the future potential of counterproductive workplace behaviours.(Refer Previous HR Word) Integrity testing tends to come in two flavours: overt tests and personality-based tests. Overt tests asks questions on past behaviour, actions and outcomes and attitudes towards counterproductive workplace behaviours. Personality-based tests […]

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HR Word: ISO 9000

​ISO 9000 definition A family of standards of excellence, created by the International Organization for Standardization, related to quality management systems. ISO 9000 standards can be applied across any industry and company size, making them a well-known symbol across the globe. The standards were first published in 1987. Frequently cited advantages of ISO 9000 often include: reducing audits, strengthening marketing efforts, […]