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HR Word: Insubordination

​Insubordination definition Insubordination occurs when someone explicitly or implicitly, but always consciously, disobeys the orders or wishes of a superior. It is commonly used to describe instances in the military where junior personnel actively disobey superior officers.  For insubordination to occur, the superior officer must have the remit and authority to compel the lower-ranked individual to act. In the workplace, […]

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HR Word: Informal Communication

​Informal Communication definition Informal communication in the workplace is communication that takes place outside the formal, communication structures of the workplace. Some people refer to informal communication as the ‘grapevine.’ Note that informal communication can occur in the same setting as formal communication, such as in a private meeting room during the appraisal process. A manager may conduct the appraisal […]

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HR Word: Industrial & Organisational Psychology

​Industrial and Organisational Psychology definition Industrial and organisational psychology (IO psychology) is the use of psychological knowledge and techniques to better understand how businesses work and how employees function in the workplace – what drives them, motivates them, angers them – in order to develop a more engaged and productive workforce. Organisations hire industrial psychologists in order to drive productivity […]

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HR Word : Operant Conditioning

HR Word of the Day – Operant Conditioning Operating conditioning is a type of learning coined by BF Skinner that is based on the premise that learning occurs through consequences of their actions. A desirable behaviour can be enhanced or repeated through positive reinforcement whereas unwanted behaviour can be eliminated through punishment. BF Skinner tested this theory using a lab […]