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4 Important Mobile APP

Smartphones have put the world at our fingertips. We’re able to call the other side of the world in seconds, send photos, videos and audio in just a click and use the internet (almost) anywhere. Could these apps be the answer to our work/life balance woes, allowing us more time for what’s important in life? Here’s a list of our favourite time-saving […]

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Interpersonal skills – Sample questions

The interpersonal skills questions are usually used to assess the skills in interpersonal relationships of the interviewee.  The most common interpersonal skills interview questions have been stated below that will help you to have a better understanding on how interviews work. You should practice the answer again and again before you attend the interview. There is a chance that you […]

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Tips for Minimizing Offer Declines

Offer Declines are a Major Concern for Recruiter. Let’s look at what stages of the recruitment process a back out can possibly happen. 1. Candidate backing out before the interview 2. Candidate backing out after interview 3. Candidate backing out after accepting the offer 4. Candidate backing out before joining 5. Candidate backing out just after joining Probable reasons for […]

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Sourcing Made Easy- Tip 1:

Sourcing Made Easy: Tip 1 Thought of Sharing my Experiences with you all. Starting this Tip thread . Will Keep on Posting Regular Tips on Social Recruiting. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Social Media […]

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Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing is constantly evolving. The strategies that worked six months ago may not work as well because the social platforms have changes, your audience has shifted, and Google has changed some of the rules of the game. Below are few mistakes. Which need to be avoided. 1. Having no social media strategy 2. Creating accounts on too many […]