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Month: February 2018

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#HRword :#Performance #Consulting

Performance consulting is a practice that became popular in the early 2000s Performance consulting is a process in which internal or external clients hire consultants to provide a systematic and holistic approach to improve the workplace performance to achieve business goals. Explanation Many organizations are facing the problem of inefficient tapping of available human potential. An organization has a certain […]

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#HRWord : #Performance #Categories by #Baldrige

Performance Categories Baldrige The theory details the criteria for performance excellence and an integrated management system. It is based on 7 factors they are: – Leadership Strategic Planning Customer and market focus Measurement, analysis and knowledge management Human resource focus Process management Organizational performance results The Baldrige performance categories, when linked together, form a comprehensive Integrated Management System that enables […]

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#Earned & #Casual Leaves in #India

Earned & Casual Leave in India Q 1: How many leaves should be applicable in a company? Numbers of leaves entitlement in a company depends upon state you are in. Every state has different leave entitlement and leave policies which should be seen before one defines leave policy of your company. Leave policy of a company cannot be less than […]