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Month: July 2016

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HR Word : #Rookie #Ratio

Rookie Ratio is defined as number of people with less than 2 years employment. Recently employed people are less stable than old. They are also less efficient, because they have not yet socialized into the tradition of the organization, so they do not know the most efficient way around. Formula (Headcount.0_to_2_years / Headcount ) It is important to recognise that […]

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HR Word: Customised Employment

Customised Employment (CE) definition An internal process whereby the relationship between the employer and the employee is discussed and negotiated so that both parties are happy with the end result. The changes agreed may or may not be codified in the employment contract. Customised employment may be conducted before the employee starts or be part of an on-going process of […]

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HR Word:Counterproductive Work Behaviours

Counterproductive Work Behaviours (CWB) definition Counterproductive work behaviour refers to actions by employees that go against the goals and aims of their employer. CWB is not necessarily malicious but it is always conscious – it doesn’t include accidental or unconscious behaviours or incidents. The driving forces behind counterproductive work behaviour can be very broad and include environmental reasons, lack of […]

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HR Word : Valley of Despair

HR word of the day – Valley of Despair With each new project, there is a period of time where productivity decreases immediately after implementation. This loss in productivity occurs as a result of shifting your routine away from the way things are—how your employees do business before the change—to your desired outcome. Ideally, after this period of reduced productivity […]

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HR Word : Well Pay

HR Word of the Day – Well Pay Well-Pay is an incentive scheme for employees, which was implemented to reward the employee for not being sick and absent from the working place. Well-Pay essentially combats the problems arising due to sick leaves. The employer is not entitled to provide the employee with a paid sick leave. But in order to […]

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HR Word : Corporate Personhood

Corporate Personhood definition Corporate personhood refers to the ability of organisations to be recognised by law as an individual, bringing with it certain rights, protections and abilities that are enjoyed by human beings. However, corporate personhood does not convey all the rights available to people. The main rights useful to organisations are the right to enter into contractual agreements and […]

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HR Word : Operational Performance Measurement

HR Word of the Day – Operational Performance Measurements Operational Performance Measurements are the key metrics which are used to measure the operational performance of a company. Different companies have different metrics to measure their own performance but few of the metrics are common across the entire business environment. Few of these metrics include: • Customer Satisfaction Index • Employee […]

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HR Word : Performance Prism

HR Word of the Day – Performance Prism Business performance is a concept that has many dimensions and driven by multiple parameters. Most of the existing frameworks do capture the components of performance measurement, but in isolation and not as one integrated unit. This is solved by the performance prism framework. Firstly, it talks about understanding the requirements of the […]

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HR Word : Constructive Dismissal

Constructive Dismissal definition A type of employee dismissal when an employee feels like they have been forced to leave their job because their employer’s behaviour has put them in an untenable position. The legal basis for constructive dismissal focuses around a serious breach of contractual obligations, for example if the employer makes significant changes to the worker’s arrangements e.g. severe […]

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HR Word : Operant Conditioning

HR Word of the Day – Operant Conditioning Operating conditioning is a type of learning coined by BF Skinner that is based on the premise that learning occurs through consequences of their actions. A desirable behaviour can be enhanced or repeated through positive reinforcement whereas unwanted behaviour can be eliminated through punishment. BF Skinner tested this theory using a lab […]

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INDIA’S Great Place to Work :2016

INDIA’S BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR 2016 by Great Place to Work® Institute & Economic Times Rank Organisation 01.    Google India Pvt. Ltd. 02.    American Express India 03.    Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. 04.    Teleperformance India 05.    Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. 06.    Marriott Hotels India Pvt. Ltd. 07.    SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd. 08.    The Oberoi Group 09.    Lemon Tree […]